Discipline Education

Develop self-confidence through success in personal challenges


Andries Douglas began his martial arts training in early 1980

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Martial Arts Classes

Unique classes created for everyone

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Helping to keep martial arts accessible to everyone,

regardless of economic standing.

We are a registered non-profit organisation, based in the Western Cape Province of South Africa (NPO 123-467) whose mission is to promote and help make accessible the benefits of martial arts through programmes that foster health, well-being, integrity and community responsibility.

We believe that Discipline should be Educated, not enforced. Through Martial Arts, the Discipline Education Programme combines the benefits of physical and mental exercise with structure, character building and leadership skills and Discipline. We place emphasis on the need to focus, and requirements for self-control. We equip students to make positive choices under pressure so they can be successful in all aspects of life. We are a discipline education programme as much as we are a martial arts programme.

During the past decade, we have worked hard to help low-income families and individuals afford to participate in quality martial arts programmes in the community. We created a Martial Arts where we host multiple styles of martial arts and self-defense classes instructed by several volunteers, setting the example. Community awareness and responsibility is one of the fundamental aspects of this programme. Also, we infuse the underlying tone that hard work is acknowledged and rewarded.