Karate, Tai chi, Yoga… they are all various forms of discipline… and each also a pathway to mindfulness and healing. Mindfulness is important in any self-defence / life or death situation. It reduces stress and anxiety, not only in adults, but also in children and teenagers. Grown-ups don’t always understand the stress factors our young people are being faced with in today’s society. The reality is that many families today consist of single parent households, with one parent responsible for more than one child… We have grandparents supporting their grandchildren, when they should have been enjoying their golden years. We have absent fathers, overworked and tired mothers. We have families where both parents have to work very hard. We have truly excellent school teachers. And some not so excellent.

Like us, children also sometimes feel out of touch and not in control. We have to teach our own children to first become more disciplined, in order to practise self-awareness, to actively seek fulfilment and to seek their own path. Quick fixes do not work. Unfortunately, not every child has an adult to show them the way. When last did you teach a stranger’s child attunement and compassion? Taught them to be non- judgemental through showing them that you are not judgemental? When last did you have a meaningful conversation with a child who is not your own?

Let’s take hands and become stronger, together. Spread the love in your community. Become a mentor to a child who doesn’t have someone who can direct him on his path of healing. Be present in your mentoring. The best way to teach Mindfulness is to practice it.