What is the Black Belt club?

The Spartans Black Belt Club is comprised of active Black Belts and those qualified students who have set their goal to be a Black Belt. It is our advance training programme, designed to maximise your Martial Arts experience.

Who can qualify for the black belt club?

To join, student may join at Green belt level or above and have their instructors approval before membership is granted. There are no extra costs involved.

How do I get approval from my instructor?

After a student qualifies to enroll in our school then the instructor is evaluating each student in several areas:

  • Attendance and making up all absences when they occur.
  • Taking belt reviews when scheduled.
  • Making good grades on all belt reviews.
  • Maintaining a B average in all academics.
  • Demonstrates a high interest in Karate.
  • Demonstrates good attitude in class, at home and toward others.
  • Has good reports on conduct and attitude from parents & teachers.
  • Supports karate functions.
  • Referring a new student.
  • Is practicing goal setting and has set a long term goal to be a Black Belt.
  • Has full support from parents.