Junior Karate Classes

Instilling self-confidence and discipline from an early age are critical character traits that parents of our students understand and appreciate. Renshi Andries Douglas and his team of instructors have created a children’s karate programme that aids in developing your child into a well-rounded individual.

Does your Teen need help in one of these areas?

  • They make hasty, poorly-considered decisions and need to have better judgment.
  • They’re being bullied at school – or they’re the one doing the bullying. They don’t get enough exercise or need to lose weight.
  • They have low self-esteem and seem to be down all the time. They give up when things get difficult and fail to meet their goals.

Children that participate in our classes will learn fundamental karate techniques and principals in a positive and non-competitive environment. Our principals and approach to development aid not only in karate but carry over into everyday life as well.

Does your child have any of these challenges?

  • They are great kids but they just don’t listen, often being told to do something a hundred times before they actually do anything.
  • They’re bright and intelligent, yet have trouble paying attention at home, in school or in any important situation, even being classified as an “ADD” or “ADHD” child.
  • They are simply shy and lack the confidence and self-esteem needed to live up to their full potential.

 Give Your Kids the Lifelong Gifts of Personal Success, Confidence, Discipline and Self-Defence… while making sure they Have a TON of fun. Martial arts classes normally makes you think of self-defence, being strong, fit and safe. The truth is, it’s all that and WAY more!