Little Warriors

Little Warriors Karate Classes

Does Your Child Need A Supportive, Educational, and Fun Activity?

Learning Martial Arts Teaches Young Kids Life Skills While They Have Fun

Young children are curious and active – and they sometimes have difficulty learning to control their bodies and their behaviour. They crave structure and thrive in an environment that’s supportive, educational, and fun. Spartans Discipline Education offers a unique class created specifically for 4 to 6 year group children which will help stimulate their minds and teach self-control, good manners and helping them give 100% effort and focus.

Does your young child struggle with these things?

  • They struggle to maintain control of their movements and may be unintentionally destructive.
  • They find it difficult to focus on a task or to see it through to the end.
  • They have a hard time sharing their belongings and getting along with other kids.