Sensei Nanine Aisha Chughtai

Dojo & Development Instructor
Reality based Self-defence and Fitness
Belt Rank: 2nd Dan Nidan

Sensei Nanine is an accomplished martial artist and fitness instructor. She enrolled at the dojo in 2008 after finding herself having a curiosity in self defense. Ten years later she would be a second degree black belt teaching classes on the very mat that she had come up the ranks on. She will be grading for her 3rd Dan Sandan at the end of this year.

One of her favourite aspects of teaching is knowing she can have an impact on someone’s life and teach them things that will protect them in the real world.

Sensei Nanine became a Discipline Education instructor to help disadvantaged students. She is excellent with young people and a role model to our female students. She serves as Treasurer of the Spartans Discipline Education Programme.