Sensei Wayne Vermeulen

Dojo & Fitness Instructor
Belt Rank: 1st Dan Shodan

Sensei Wayne began training in Shorin-Ryu in 2012 under the teaching of Sensei Andries Douglas. He received the rank of Shodan in 2016 and will be grading to 2nd Dan Nidan this year. Sensei Wayne is the father of two young girls who also practise the art of Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan karate. He takes lead of the Tuesday and Saturday karate classes. He is an accomplished martial artist with a Shotokan background and is a tremendous asset to the dojo. Sensei Wayne devotes a 100% to teach beginners about Okinawan karate and takes his role as instructor seriously. He is excellent in physically drilling our students to get them ready for their next belt level.