Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan South Africa Senior Instructors

Kyoshi Claude Johnson Sensei 8th Dan

Kyoshi Johnson began his karate training in 1965. Born in Port Elizabeth he moved to Gauteng (then called Transvaal) in the mid 70s and opened the 1st Funakoshi karate clubs in E. Gauteng. During that period he was the founder member of the newly formed Eastern Gauteng Karate Association (All Styles) and at various intervals presided as chairman and chief referee. He was also elected the secretary of NAKA (National Amateur Karate Association) under the presidency of Geoff Landless. Returning to Port Elizabeth in the early 80s he opened karate clubs and was elected chairman of the Eastern Cape [E. Province.] All Styles Association.

In 1994 realizing the need for a more meaningful and international style of karate, he traveled to America and Okinawa Japan and returned to South Africa as the founder member of Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan South Africa. Kyoshi Johnson represented South Africa on numerous occasions internationally as a fighter, referee and judge. His most memorable contests are those vs Billy Banks, Tokey Hill and Nasty Anderson.

Kyoshi Johnson is the Chief Instructor and President of Shorin-Ryu South Africa and in 2006 was promoted to nanadan 7th degree black belt by grandmaster Shugoro Nakazato in Okinawa Japan. In 2012 at the tri-nation gasshuku Kyoshi Claude Johnson was awarded his 8th degree black belt by Hanshi Doug Perry.