Drug Awareness

In the daily functions of the organisation, our students are confronted daily with the different needs of our society such as illiteracy, low tertiary education rate, high teenage pregnancy rate and drug abuse.

Sensei Andries Douglas has extensive experience in combating the Drug trade in the gang ridden areas – and this include drugs being sold at our schools.  Experience has taught us that children are more often used to sell drugs, because a child may not be detained in custody and is therefore soon released after arrest. We teach not only our own students, but also community members in schools and at the work place, regarding the negative effects of drug use and how it destroys one’s body, as well as one’s future.

Martial arts are among mankind’s oldest and most effective holistic self-improvement disciplines. When used to their full potential, martial arts offer far more than personal self-defence skills; it cultivates a wisdom and mind-body harmony that can literally change every aspect of your life for the better.