Dojo Kun – Shorin Ryu

The ethos of Karate is the development of the character through the development of the body and the instructor has a great responsibility to uphold this tradition. The instructor must ensure that all students in their charge adhere to the code of conduct below.

  • All instructors are to be addressed as “Sensei” (Teacher).
  • All assistant instructors are to be addressed as “Senpai”
  • Don’t be late for class.
  • Always ensure that shoes have been removed before entering the Dojo area.
  • Upon entering the Dojo, a short bow should be executed and this should be repeated upon leaving the Dojo.
  • Bow and greet the Senior Instructors and karateka personally on your arrival. When sitting, either kneel or cross your legs. Do not sit with legs extended straight out.
  • Students must be punctual for class and wait for the start by selecting and reading a book.
  • Clean hands and feet with short finger and toenails
  • No eating or chewing gum – No food or drink may be consumed within the dojo /training area.
  • Clean karate gi – don’t roll up cuffs of gi (Karate uniform)
  • Long hair to be tied up
  • All jewellery, watches and sharp objects must be removed before entering the Dojo.
  • Give respect to all karate participants, whatever their grade or age.
  • Never stand with your hands on your hips or lean against the wall.
  • Acknowledge the Sensei’s instructions with “hai”.
  • There should be no idle talking during class. It is disrespectful and distracting to the Sensei and other participants.
  • When the Sensei is giving an explanation during training, stand quietly and attentively and keep our hands at your side or behind you.
  • When changing partners for an exercise, bow to the previous partner before moving on to the next, and then bow to the new partner.
  • Senior belts must lead by example to junior belt.
  • When adjusting your gi or belt, turn away from other people and the front of the dojo.
  • Once a lesson has commenced the mind and body must be co-ordinated and be ready to react to whatever is taught. All movements must be executed with spirit and skill.
  • Students must inform the school if they are not able to attend a class.
  • Students must walk around the edge of the dojo.
  • No smoking is allowed in the dojo.
  • The use of bad language or inappropriate behaviour will lead to expulsion from the dojo / classes.
  • Students must ensure that they have an up to date Affiliation Book.
  • Keep adding to the spirit of karate by co-ordinating with fellow students at all times.
  • Treat your dojo with respect, it is your sanctuary.
  • Enjoy mastering your art in Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate.

The above rules also apply to competitions.